Eugene at it’s Finest Pt. II

Posted: June 2, 2011 in really!?!?
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So, i am setting in the park mentioned in the note “Eugene at it’s Finest” and as i enter i am asked two things by the kids here,

  1. do I have an extra cigarette ( I am a non-smoker); and
  2. Would I like to buy some heroin.

This is the same park where the homeless girl was fined $150 and given a 30 day suspension from using the park. The very same police force who gave this girl this ticket? Nowhere to be seen. They are protecting our streets from napping homeless i’m sure. we have 15-16 year old kids selling heroin in our parks, but, hey, i feel much safer knowing the police are keeping the homeless under tight scrutiny and knowing that there are no homeless sleeping in the same park. I mean, after all, those dirty homeless are a menace whereas the heroin dealer is just being a kid………. yes, sarcasm, lots of it.

Again people, please, even if you are not a member of the Eugene populace, or even a resident of Oregon, write to Mayor Kitty Piercy and voice your thoughts on this issue. Really, this can not go on friends.


Eugene Wanderer.

PS. Did I mention that these same kids were also sexually harrassing women who passed by, asking them if they would like to celebrate “hump” day by humping? Hmmm, good thing the  homeless are contained.  Where is my (finger) smiley from skype when i need it. 🙂


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