Eugene at it’s Finest. Pt. I

Posted: June 2, 2011 in really!?!?
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Ok, this homeless girl i know is napping in one of the many local parks and the cops find her. She is given a $150 dollar fine (How she is to pay this i have no idea), and bans her from the [park for 30 days. So, later that same day there are a large group of 13-20 year old getting stoned and drunk in the park, they are being loud and obnoxious, as they do every night of the week. Well, the bicycle cops arrive and do nothing. they laugh and joke with the kids and do not so much as ask for id, then leave. Pretty typical of Eugene really. It is far more against the law to be homeless in this city than it is to be a drunk, drugging juvenile delinquent. Kitty Piercy, our mayor, denies this shit happens though. lol.

Anyone like to voice their thoughts on this to our mayor? She is on facebook, her profile is at!/profile.php?id=1097336678

and her other contact info at 

Dont get me wrong, Mrs. Piercy is not a terrible Mayor, not in the least, but there are areas in which her efforts are unrealistic and require much rethinking.


Eugene Wanderer


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