Feeding Time

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here in Eugene we are very lucky to have many places to eat during the week. the homeless never need go hungry in Eugene, Oregon. One of the main feeding places is a little place called the Dining Room. This place feeds dinner to hundreds of homeless Monday through Thursday and is a place where the homeless can come to get something to eat and to feel as though they are welcomed. very occasionally there is an issue here between the clients, but not often. For the most part those who use the dining room are respectful and decent while there. Now, three blocks away is the park I have written about in my “Eugene at its Finest Pt.  I and II” where the underage drinking and drugging goes on, where kids sexually harass women that pass by, where they yell, be loud and unruly and vandalize things.

Guess where the city bicycle police choose to hang out during 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm?

You got it. Many nights during the week the dining room is host to the city bike cops. they hang around and watch the homeless and look suspiciously upon those who go there to eat, while a few blocks away there is drinking, drugging and any number of real violations of the law happening and committed by minors.


Am I the only one who has a difficult time understanding this concept? Why is it the people trying to get something to eat are more dangerous and more of a concern than the hoodlums at the park 3 blocks away? Is hunger a crime in this city? I already know homelessness is.  In the city of Eugene being homeless ranks right up there with “driving while Black” in the larger cities.  For a city that claims to be a bastion of liberal culture for the state of Oregon, it is a shame. Eugene could be a leader in the treatment of its citizens who are less fortunate. The sheer number of independent groups in this city who do things for the homeless and the disabled is awesome. Were Mayor Kitty Piercy work harder to join forces with these groups to implement programs that benefit more than just the homeless who possess vehicles she could be a real game changer here. She could make an incredible difference. I know her heart is in the right place and that she wants to do more, but for someone who is not part of the homeless population it is nearly impossible to know what is needed to actually implement the needed changes and programs.

Until the city police realize it is not a crime to be down on your luck the daily dinner at the Dining Room will be a feeding time and the sharks on bikes will be circling in search of prey.  It shames me and breaks my heart.




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