A Word to Kitty Piercy Revisited

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well people, since my posting the original “A Word to Kitty Piercy” yesterday morning i have had a surprise. last night as i approached the park where i use the Internet i a fairly significant change had occurred during the day. This change was the inclusion of an unlocked outhouse. This park only has outhouses during one part of the week typically, Friday night through Sunday morning. with the exception of Saturday during the day while our local market is going on, these outhouses remain locked and off limits to use by the homeless or anyone else for that matter. So, this appearance of an outhouse on a Tuesday night was not only a surprise, but a very welcomed addition to the park.

Now the question is who is responsible for it being there? I would assume Kitty Piercy, our mayor, however, I never received a reply from her concerning the issue. Once i saw the thing i immediately wrote and asked her if she was responsible for it and thanked her if she were. I, even though she was on line twice after i sent it, never heard back from her. In all fairness to Mrs. Piercy, I fully understand why she may not wish to reply to me or have many interactions with me. Even though i have made an attempt to be fair in the things i have said both here and in emails to her via my other account, however, i do act in a critical manner towards some aspects of her politics. She may very well view me as an agent of dissent and conflict. If this is the case i understand why she will avoid me. however, Mrs. Piercy, i would like to say that I am perhaps an agent of dissent and conflict, but not in some anarchist manner. I simply see “Informed, educated” dissent as a means of change and a positive state overall. My points concerning you and your efforts are not intended to down play you as a negative force in Eugene, or to make you out as an enemy. You only need read my last post and the one I will be putting up after this one to see that.


So once again Mrs. Piercy, if you were the one who had the outhouses placed in the park, I thank you.


Eugene Wanderer


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