Where has it gone?

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok, so i post that there needs to be porta potty’s and public restrooms available so the homeless can avoid public indecency cites and that night one shows up. That night i post good things about its appearance and thank Mayor kitty Piercy if she was responsible for it being there. Well, tonight i return to the park and guess what? It’s gone. Hmmm…. ok so my question is this, was Kitty Piercy the reason it was there to begin with? Or was it someone else? Now, if it was the Mayor why remove it after one night? Political maneuver? I truly hope that it was not Mrs. Piercy who put it there to begin with and if it was that she at least has a decent reason for the removal. I will find out this Monday as i am going to the next city council meeting for the questions session. After words i will get the minutes of it to post here.

R.I.P. Porto potty. Now, im stuck with the public urination as an only option. Not my choice but what other is there?




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