Some Clarification

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Greetings and best wishes to everyone on this Saturday morning. I am setting here watching the Saturday market folks set up their stands and prepare for what will hopefully be a profitable day for them when i open my facebook page and find this,

Richard Zeller 

Dear Eugene Wanderer (what’s your real name, Wanderer, I wonder?): you know a lot of stuff that gets posted on blogs is just made up. The article you reference with its attempt to slur Rep. Defazio by saying he was outed by the American Socialist Party in their October 2009 newsletter looks like a great example of the right-wing losing touch with reality (or is it losing touch with the truth?). Go to this site ( for the Fall 2009 Newsletter of the Democratic Socialists of America. That is the political activist wing of what began as the American Socialist Party. I can’t find a reference to our noble Representative anywhere in there. If there is such a newsletter, show or remove your post. Next time, confirm this kind of stuff BEFORE you spread it.”

I have responded to Mr. Zeller already but in case there is confusion as to what my thoughts on Peter DeFazio supposedly being a Socialist Party member are, i will clarify for everyone what the post titled “In Defense of our City and Mayor” was intended as.

First thing first however.  I DO NOT BELIEVE DEFAZIO IS A MEMBER OF THE SOCIALIST PARTY!  This part of the quoted blog was simply added to show the thinking and mindset of the blogs author. The individual in question was stating unsupported facts and slurring our politicians with his nonsense and the intention of my post was to refute those claims. So it’s clear, i VOTE for DeFazio. Make no mistake, i am not part of the “right”. They think everything my blog is concerned with should be swept under the carpet, after all, there are millionaires who need tax cuts and the plight of the homeless has nothing to do with that. I would sooner suffer public castration than become a member of the Republican/Tea Party/Libertarian mindset.  I have no beef with DeFazio and for those of you who have read my blog, you know i have no problem with Mrs. Piercy other than the wish that she would do more in certain aspects of her efforts for the homeless.

So, please, when you read “In Defense of………..” take it as it was intended, as a rebuttal to the bigoted individual who first wrote it. I was not “spreading” the persons views, i was calling them for what they were, BS!


Eugene Wanderer

PS. If Mr. Zeller is reading this, i would like to say you were right about he right losing all sense of reality. They blur the facts even more than the typical politician. Instead of dealing with issues they chose to twist facts and attack. It hides the fact that they truly do not have an understanding of the issues and that the are clueless as a party.


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