Suicide amoung the Homeless.

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Among the homeless there are high rates of mortality and a significant number of attempted and completed suicides. In Tel-Aviv, Israel, there is an ongoing municipal outreach program for the homeless. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study was to describe the subgroup of homeless persons who had died by suicide. METHOD: Over a 9-year period the records of each homeless person who had died were assessed by two psychiatrists and a clinical criminologist. The project was undertaken in a large city and was feasible due to close cooperation between the municipal welfare department and mental health consultants. RESULTS: Of the 1,192 homeless persons located and contacted, 156 persons had died (13.1%). Nine of the deaths were by completed suicide (5.8%). All were male. Mean age for the suicide subgroup was 34 +/- 8.7 years, significantly younger than those who died of other causes (p < .01). The majority had completed high school education. While the majority of deaths were drug or alcohol related, in only 1 of 9 deaths by suicide was there a history of drug abuse. Psychiatric comorbidity was recorded in 4 of the 9 persons. The majority of persons (6/9) had died of suicide by hanging. CONCLUSION: Suicide is not a negligible cause of death among the homeless population. (Authors)  





This study utilized data from the national ACCESS program to investigate the prevalence of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in a sample of homeless people with mental illness. The prevalence of suicidal ideation in this sample was high. In addition, 51.3% of the sample reported that they had ever attempted suicide, 26.9% reported an attempt that resulted in a nonpsychiatric hospitalization, and 8% reported an attempt in the previous 30 days. Youth, substance abuse, and psychiatric symptoms were all significantly associated with suicide attempts. Those who reported a recent attempt also reported higher rates of mental health care utilization, particularly inpatient care. The authors conclude that homeless people with mental illness are at particularly high risk for suicidal behavior, however, only in part because of the high prevalence of traditional risk factors. (Authors)


The Homeless Commit Suicide Twice as Often as the Housed (1.4% compared to 2.9% of the studied deaths)








Because homeless and runaway youth face additional stressors, such as abuse and victimization while living on the street, they are especially at risk for suicidal thoughts.


When does this stop? When does our government who can find BILLIONS of dollars for an unjustified war begin to address this issue with the same tenacity as they have the robbing of Iraq?  when do our youth (30% of all homeless are under the age of 18) get the chance to have the same opportunities the rest of the country get? When do our veterans finally get the help and respect they deserve after having been used by our government? When will the rich in this country do THEIR part!! We have those in need in our own country, but do we help them? No, we send our money oversees to help someone 1000’s of miles away. Sorry folks, but sometimes












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