A Word on Domestic Violence Among the Homeless

Posted: July 24, 2011 in really!?!?
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I use the Lindholm Service Center on Hwy 99 on a regular basis for showers and food. It seems like every day i go in there i find another of the women with black eyes or worse thanks to their asshole boyfriends. I watch them walk in and my stomach clenches in knots and my anxiety jumps 10 fold. I see these women and wish their was something i could do to help them in their situations, but when reality is applied there is nothing i can do and i find myself infinity frustrated. Frustration and anger. I feel a bitterness boil within me that wants to go take their other by his fucking nuts and ruin him for life. A man who beats a woman is no man at all. Here is the issue with that though. I have gotten involved in the past in these situations and what i have found is that when an outsider intervene in the issue and perhaps kicks the crap out of the jerk the woman hates you for it. You become the enemy then. They will even at times physically attack you in order to protect their “love”. They hate you for getting involved. The anger and hurt they feel at their situation, all of the helplessness they are eaten up by, comes out directed at you. You become the focus for all things bad in their lives and situation. So, why not go to the authorities about it? Simple, it only the homeless and there is no reason to be concerned about that. The homeless enjoy a much lower level of protection than does a housed citizen, hell, we are barely considered citizens at all. We are expendable, forgotten, so who cares if some shit head is beating the crap out of his girlfriend. Hey, it’s happening out in the camp areas so no one is seeing it. Out of sight out of mind. The system does not care. Coming from a family in which this type of thing happened to an extreme degree, where every morning i had to wonder if this was the day the step dad finally went too far and killed either me or my mother, i know first hand the effects of domestic violence and it breaks my heart to see this issue being ignored, not taken seriously. These women are in need of more than peoples sympathy. They need protectors, someone who is willing to take the shit that comes with getting involved, someone who cares enough to want to see this kind of thing change.


1. One quarter of homeless mothers have been abused at some point

2. 44% of homeless women report that they have stayed in an abusive relationship because they had nowhere else to go.

3. Half of all homeless women and children are fleeing abuse

4. 92% of homeless women have, at some time in the past, suffered not only physical, but sexual assault, one third of them still are.



How much is enough? When do we as a society begin to do something about this. When do we, as men, begin to pull our heads out of our ass and begin treating our women with the respect and dignity they deserve? Real men do not beat women, and these “men” who do this need to be held accountable for their action. WE, as a society, need to show the victims of this behavior that it can end, that we want to help them. They need to know they have allies in this world. To know this is going on and not do anything about it, or at least try, is not only inhumane, but morally criminal.


Some food for thought.








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