Eugene at it’s Finest Pt. III

Posted: July 26, 2011 in really!?!?

Another day in thee life of Eugene’s cowardly police. There are several hippy types and disrespectful homeless types yelling and being obnoxious at the park. Last night they were bad enough that the police came to look into it. well these jerks are acting loud and disrespectful to the point i left thee park today. well a little later i return and the bike police are coming into the park. Of all of thee things the police could have raised an issue about what did they choose to go after? They chose to harass the guy who was not homeless or causing issues but was using the power outlet for his laptop!! I am now convinced that the Eugene police are both idiots and cowards. Never mind that fact that there are loud obnoxious drugged up jerk two feet away, this guy is using the power outlet!! Wonderful job on the part of the Eugene department of fascism.  Really Kitty Piercy? This is how the tax payer dollars are wasted in the city of Eugene? What a joke. I tihnk i will take up doing drugs and staying drunk all day long, this seems to be how to be left alone in thee city of Eugene. I think whoever thinks tthis is appropriate use of our police force is on drugs themselves.


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