A worthy use of our Tax dollars.

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am setting at the park where the Saturday market is set up at today and i am approached my officer Warden. He informs me that i am breaking the law by using the power outlets to use my computer while in the park. this is against the law and i will be taken to jail if i do it again. They will lock me up in the jail that just had to close way too many beds due t budget issues, the jail that is letting people out early as it can not afford to hold them, who needs to cut positions for the same reason. I am going too go to jail for using the power outlet while druggies and assaultive individuals do not get bothered at all. how much will that cost the city to do? to book me, take my prints, and then hold me over night until i get released? guess what? Far more than the cost of the energy my laptop would use in over a year. this is why Eugene is hurting financially, our leaders are completely clueless as to how to properly use our tax dollars. Seriously folks, if our leaders are going t show this much irresponsibility concerning the issue of spending then it is time for a changing of the guard. If the Dem’s are too out of touch to correct things like this then lets get someone else in there. The Republicans are no better. we need to find a viable independent to handle these duties if Kitty Piercy will not.  News flash Mrs. Piercy, this is not th way to heal Eugene financially.






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