In Need of Cleaning

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Within Eugene there are a couple of areas that are notorious for their drug use and basic criminal element. These two areas are The area surrounding Tiny’s Tavern in the Whitaker area and the other is the Washington/Jefferson park area.  Both areas are known hang outs for the cities Meth and heroin addicts and as a result they are magnets for the criminal element. just two nights ago an individual i know was set upon by four people in  Scobert park, assaulted and robbed for everything he had. This individual does not own much as he is homeless, but it was enough for these robbers. This was not at night under cover of darkness either. It was in broad daylight and as the four men chased him down he yelled out “Four on One” repeatedly yet no one lifted a hand to help him.  Two weeks ago a visiting homeless person was set upon by several individuals in the Wash/Jeff park, he awoke with no cloths on and everything he owned stolen from him. I currently have a friend i have been trying to get off of meth, but the Wash/Jeff park is just too much of a draw for her. Assaults, robbery and drug use are constants in these areas, so why is nothing being done to combat it?

You may be asking yourself what this has to do with homelessness, it is related because both the victims of these crimes and the perpetrators of them are homeless addicts. Addiction is a serious concern for many homeless as i have talked about in past posts, but in this situation it is putting them at risk of physical harm or worse. Lets not forget that Eugene has a history of murders committed against the homeless. Wash/Jeff having been the location for at least one of these murders. It is time to end this.

So, how do we as citizens begin to repair this situation? Try this

1. write to Kitty Piercy, the city Mayor.  Tell her of your concerns for these areas, tell her of your desire to clean them up, tell her that not only do you want this to happen, but it NEEDS to happen. contact her at   OR   on facebook at Kitty Piercy

2. Contact Pete Kerns, the cheif of police with the same concerns. Call him at the police department and make your concerns known.

3. Contact lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner with the same issues. his Email is .

4. The community needs to take it into their own hands to an extent.

we need to organize and begin policing our neighborhoods. We need to assure that those who are using drugs in public, drinking in public, menacing and assaulting others, and all other criminal activity are held accountable for this. We need to make the calls to the police to deal with this behavior. make the calls to the police and then log how long it takes the police to actually get there. we must take measures to make the police do their jobs. Make them deal with real criminals and violators instead of hassling the homeless who are doing nothing more than using thee power outlets in the parks, of napping in the parks. Make them do their jobs, and if they do not do that, take action via the ballot box come election time. Eugene is a wonderful city, but there are areas that need to be cleaned up, and these are two of them.

I know there are some of you who may be thinking i am nuts, first i call for fair treatment for the homeless and in the blink of an eye I ask the police and city leaders to crack down on them. I do not and never have been ok with disrespectful and irresponsible homelessness. Read my page “A word to thee Homeless” and you will see where i stand on this. I do not do drugs and i do not support them, though i do believe it is the individuals choice what they do with their bodies as long as it is done in the privacy of their own home. I have seen thee negative affects drugs can have on those who are addicted to them I lost my baby brother due to alcoholism. I do not support the use of narcotics, but i do support the rehabilitation of those who are addicted to them.

as a community we need to begin to take action against the very real threat t hese areas present to people in our city. We, as the citizens of Eugene, have the power to force change in how these areas are dealt with. For the sake of those who are forced to deal with tthe criminal elelments and the addicts who plague these areas we must do our part to clean them up.






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