A need for Shelter

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I have posted on my thoughts on the Eugene Mission previous to this post. I have also mentioned the need for a non religious based shelter to see to the need of finding legitimate sleeping accommodations for those of us who are homeless. I brought an idea up to Kitty Piercy concerning the purchase, by the city, of the old Catholic Community Services building for the purpose of converting it into a small shelter used specifically over  night sleeping. However, this idea comes down to money as so many things in our society does today. The need for funds to purchase it, ad then to oversee it are beyond the cities current reach financially, and as far as the county goes, it is worse off than the city.  So where does this leave us, the homeless? Kitty Piercy brought up the thought of a private charity that would make the attempt to achieve this. I think this is a great idea actually. Charities have far more options than does thee city, county, or state for that matter. The ability to raise funding would be much easier, though not easy at any rate, than it would be for the government. the ability to go to private investors would greatly improve the chances of something like this actually ever coming to light. However, who is actually going to do this? St. Vinnie’s, Goodwill, Salvation army? Surely no religious organization. Part of the point is to get away from the forced religion atmosphere of the Eugene Mission. No, this would need to be done by someone else, or an entirely new organization.

What does it take to start a non-prifit organization? Well, the paper work is actually very much like that of a corporation. You must detail the list of directors, managers, mission statement etc. Not to difficult really, but a bit more so for hose who are not educated in such things. There are filing fee’s at all levels needed here. State, perhaps city and federal. The involvement of an attorney would be recommended as well. This is not too difficult of a thing really. The hard part comes from seeking funding for the shelter. This would not be nearly as much as somewhere as the mission. The new shelter does not need t provide a day use area, nor does it need to provide a feeding schedule. all of these things are already dealt with and dealt with well in Eugene. what is not dealt with is a safe place to lay our heads, and because of this this is all that would be needed. So we would merely require funding to keep the bills and the employees paid, as well as to take care of any fees and such the city would require.  Matter f fact, if there were someone to assist with the filing fees and such, i could set this up and run the shelter. This would be no big deal. However, as an unemployed homeless man i can not cover the expenses of filig the paper work and establishing such a thing. This is where someone who is a bit better off financially could really be a help to those of us in less fortunate circumstances really. Anyone who could set up something like this would be doing both the homeless and the city a big favor. The homeless would have somewhere safe to sleep at nights where they would not have to worry about being assaulted, robbed or harassed by the local police and the locals would have that many more of the homeless sleeping in their business doorways and such. This would truly be a win win situation for all involved. The question is, who would be willing to do this really? Not a lot of people have the time or motivation to dive into a project like this. This would take time and dedication on the part of anyone who began the effort, and this is something, unfortunately, not a lot of people have much of these days. Here would be my solution, someone assist me in setting it up. The assistance with the fees and such are about all i would need to get it up and running. If i could find a person who was willing to fund the filing process i could get it up and going. Then once that was done all that would need done is the finding of both a building to use and fund raising for the running of it. What would qualify me to run this project? Well for one, i am homeless and understand the needs of the homeless community far more than anyone who has never been there would. those who have no idea either tend to try to do too much, or they are misguided in their efforts and do not focus the attention on things it needs to b e focused on, Second, while in school i was a business major. So i have some idea of what it takes to run a business.


I dont know, just a thought,but if anyone actually is interested in this idea email me at Eugenewanderer@gmail.com







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