A Matter if Common Sense

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Ok, I would like to talk about common sense in the police force in Eugene. Every one has seen my posts on the harassment by the local police in Eugene where the homeless is concerned. If one of us nap in the park, we are jailed, if we have our dogs not in our hands but tied to a post as we set a foot away, we go to jail, if we are in the park 10 minutes past 11 pm we go to jail. the reasons for us to be locked up are various and many.  Even when we are not bothering anyone and simply minding our own business.

now on the other hand, under the Washington/Jefferson park there is a huge population of individuals who spend their entire day doing meth, heroin and other drugs who assault, rob, and in the history of Eugene, murder people. these individuals are also plaguing the Scobert Park area of Whitaker. We have people running around trying to get the chance to assault others in town. We have those who run around stealing from the local business and a lot of other things, but the police spend very little time looking into this. they do near to nothing to curb this behavior and instead go after the harmless population. they allow these true menaces to continue to pollute our parks and to vandalize our city, to leave their needles laying around where kids can find them and perhaps play with them.  So, when will he police effort go towards fixing the real issues in this town? What will it take? Someones child getting HIV from a dirty needle he found in the park? interesting thought.

  1. fred roellig says:

    What is so hard about keeping your dog in hand. What is so hard at getting out of the park by curfew. Oh, you have addiction issues or your mentally ill. Yes, you should be allowed in a group home or mental hospital or something, since you can’t take care of yourself. It’s America, though, so that’s not possible. But it’s not the police who make the laws. They just enforce some of them.

    What is the law against napping in the park? Illegal camping? I don’t know. Please tell me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree Fred it is not the police who make the laws, however, the issue is that these laws are only enforced when it concerns the homeless. A friend of mine who is a middle class, white, middle aged woman tested this on several counts and found that nothing was ever said to her concerning the breaking of these laws, yet the police will go out of their way to enforce them against the homeless. as Anyone who knows me will attest to i am ok with laws being upheld, but i do expect to see them upheld evenly and fairly among all class levels and all other social status’.. If it is a law for the homeless it is a law that should apply to the more well off people as well. Thank you for your comment Fred. I always appereciate people views and comments.

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