Oodles of Oogles!!

Posted: September 1, 2011 in really!?!?
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Ooogles. What the hell is an “Oogle”? Well my friends allow me to tell you what these are. They are quite amusing really. You have all seen these kids who hang out, trying to be part of the homeless “scene”. Youngsters, they hang out , they talk the talk, try to walk the walk, spange (beg for money) the entire act. Until it comes time to go home. At night they are not going to a camp site, nor are they going to bed hungry. Why? Because they gave nice warm beds and warm meals waiting for them at HOME! These kids are not homeless, they are hangers on who believe that homelessness is a fashion statement, a hipster “scene”, something to be part of. They wear it like a new outfit, showing it off for the world to see, but they are not homeless. Many of them come from middle income families in which the parents buy them iphones and androids, they have PS3’s at home and they eat good meals every day of the week. Simply put, they playact at homelessness, and in the process disrespect each and everyone of us who are forced into homelessness.  They make light of and make a game of the issue of homelessness. They are loud and disruptive, they vandalize things, graffiti and act in other unacceptable ways. The bad part is that those of us who are actually homeless get blamed for this stuff. Yes there are those among the homeless who behave this way as well, but not nearly as many as society has been lead to believe. Much of the stuff we get blamed for is committed by Oogles. These kids are the kids of the same people who often talk down to and about the homeless, they show scorn for them due to the above mentioned behavior, they hate us for the behavior their precious little brats are committing. How do these kids get so much time to run around pretending they are homeless? Don’t any of them go to school? Isn’t it a law saying that kids will go to school? Please, parents, if you want to see the local issues with the homeless drop considerably, keep your kids home. Control your own personal Ooogles, and watch to see who is really acting out more, the Oogles, or those of us who are actually homeless. we, the homeless, get just as annoyed with these people as you, society get with the homeless over this behavior. Seriously folks, control an Oogle and cut the annoyance factor.  For all of us.






  1. Anonymous says:

    it’s been my experience that homeless people often do not wish to draw attention to themselves … it means a ticket for illegal something or another …. sleeping is a human neccessity but is illegal when you have no roof …

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