A Word to the Hatemongers and Biggots we call Republicans

Posted: September 29, 2011 in really!?!?
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   Imagine this. It is a fairly nice day, sun is out just enough to be warm but not hot, a gentleman is setting outside of the Eugene PUBLIC Library using his laptop while surfing the web. This individual is outside of the library because he owns two kittens who due to his homelessness are always with him and the library does not allow pets in the building. This person is quiet, polite, clean and keeps his bags and kittens orderly while he takes advantage of the library and its net connection. His kittens and the one he is watching for a friend of his are all being polite and happy during this time. A relaxing situation on an equally relaxing day.

     Unbeknown to our homeless friend, just behind him inside of the library a lady has approached Gene, Who knows the homeless individual and knows he is not a problem, the library security guard on duty at the moment. This conversation goes something like this,

Lady: Excuse me, is there anything at all that can be done about this element setting outside?

Gene: What is wrong? What is he dong? Is he blocking the walk way?

Lady: No

Gene: Is he making noise or being disruptive?

Lady: No, he’s not.

Gene: Is he littering? What is he doing?

Lady: No, hes setting there for no reason!

Gene: Well, if he is not doing anything to disrupt things there is no reason to do anything about him. 

Lady: (Sulking) Well, i’m going to file a complaint!! (Storms off)

Now, this lady is not though yet mind you. She promptly goes outside and glares at the individual in question.

Lady: So, you’ve just “moved” in have you?

Guy (thinking her joking): laughs, yes I think I have.

Lady: It’s not funny!! This is our library and your trashing it!! (storms off).

     Um, ok. Now, you think this is made up? Wrong, this happened just today. The individual in question was yours truly and this lady was an older woman who I have never seen here before. The security guard Gene can verify everything I said concerning my behavior and how I carry myself here at the library. The security guards at the library know me very well, and not due to me causing trouble but for just the opposite, because I am very aware of being respectful and polite while here. 

So, my very presence, while there were other people setting outside of the library at the same time I was, was “Trashing” the library. The PUBLIC library that is just as much mine as hers actually belongs to them, or those with roofs over their heads and a bed to sleep in. They have money and I don’t at he moment, this is what makes it “ours” as she stated. This is a typical Republican mindset, “We have the money, thus we make the rules and we set the standards. Everyone else, get out of our way or else”.

The republicans are historically anti-poor, anti-homeless and anti-social services. Need proof?

Ronald Reagan:

Reagan on the homeless

Reagan on Social Services

“We’re the party that wants to see an America in which people can still get rich.”

  • May 4, 1982

“You can’t help those who simply will not be helped. One problem that we’ve had, even in the best of times, is people who are sleeping on the grates, the homeless who are homeless, you might say, by choice.”

  • January 31, 1984, on Good Morning America, defending his administration against charges of callousness

“Is it news that some fellow out in South Succotash someplace has just been laid off, that he should be interviewed nationwide?”

  • March 16, 1982, complaining about coverage of the nation’s economic suffering

When Reagan first came into office the budget for social services was at $38 billion dollars, 8 years late when he left office the budget was at $7 billion.

George W. Bush

This jerk initiated tax cuts for the richest Americans while leaving the poorest to drown in the poverty his party was mainly responsible for during his reign of terror.

Another bit of thought


Don’t get me wrong, the Democrats are not perfect either ans as the republicans are often puppets to those who give to their campaigns and corporate lobbyist. However, the Democrats will more often than the Republicans at least try to do something, even if the effort is misguided more often than not. Republicans are too caught up in a culture of self service and good old boy discrimination to concern, themselves with the plight of the poor. After all, if the number of poor stay high they will have a wealth of cheap labor for their businesses.

So, what is my word to the Republican? Just this, shut up and quit whining. The Republican party has been responsible for more of the issues that has caused our current economic situation than any other element involved. The deregulation of business which lead to the Enron scandals and others of the likes, which in turn lead to 100’s of people losing their jobs and being thrust into poverty. Your decisions lead to the financial scandals that hurt so many. The rewarding of companies that take their jobs oversees and so much more. Your rich kid mentality and lack of concern for those around you who are less fortunate reek of elitism for a bunch of non elites. You greed and selfishness has hurt our country economically and you should be held accountable. If you seriously want to be rid of the homeless here’s how you do it. Use some of your wealth to create jobs, to put those of us who want to work, who want bills to pay and the means to do it to work. Give us the means to support ourselves and to make a living at whatever it is we are doing. Quit paying below living wage, give us the benefits that will allow us to stay healthy and to afford other living expenses. In other words take notice of your fellow man and can the selfishness. Quite being self righteous jerks and learn to be human! There is less room in society for your type of human than there is those who are poor and without a roof over their heads.



As an after thought, since then library administration has told security that i am to be “encouraged” not to set outside of the library. Both security people argued my case, but it did not help me. So, due to anti pet policy and the conservative mind set of some of our good liberal citizens i no longer have access to the PUBLIC library or it’s services. A pet “friendly” town that does not allow pets anywhere and a liberal town with a conservative mindset. Funny is it not.


  1. Majeska says:

    Wait, I don’t see why you are labeling such people “Republicans.” I suspect there are plenty of non-political, non-voter, libertarian, Democrat and/or other non-Republicans who also have this attitude, unfortunately. Everything you wrote about the Republican party is likely true. But labeling an individual without knowing about them, I don’t think that helps. If they are wearing an elephant button or necktie, then yes, call them that.

    About the woman who complained, how about making a complaint against her!?! This is the public’s library (and sidewalk) and she’s besmirching it with her bad attitude! Maybe she needs to be “encouraged” to stay home (which she likely has) and out of public spaces if she can’t deal with seeing other members of the public in public spaces. If you need someone to watch your pets so you can go into the library to file a complaint, I can help with that.

    If they say it’s not a library matter, then what’s up with library security telling you anything. BTW, what rule or law would you be violating if you did not follow their “encouragement”?

    • Yes i could ignore the “encouragement” but them administration could very well kick me out of the library and i really do wish to avoid that happening. I would like to find a way to deal with the lady however as one of the security told me she rarely ever goes to the library but when she uses it all she does is complain about one thing or the other. she is apparently someone who needs a reason to complain or she is not happy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    people often treat poverty as if it is contagious …. maybe she’s scared it’ll rub off ??? ….. how scarey for people to have to look into the face that might be their own soon …..

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