Pets and The Homeless

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I have many times heard housed people say things like “How can they take care of an animal when they can not even take care of themselves?” and, “that poor dog/cat, being subjected to that life style”. They seem to be completely at a loss as to why we should be allowed to have animals in our care, or as to why we would want them, when our situations is so precarious.

I have two kittens myself as a homeless man and the reasons are both obvious to those who think about them and understandable.

A big part of being homeless is the loneliness that comes with it. Regardless of how many people you may have with you or around you there is always this sense of being alone in the world. As though there is no one there who really gives two cents about whether you live or die. You feel very much isolated from the society who despises you for your poverty and the life we all should be able to enjoy. However, when we acquire a pet we find a friend, companion and family member who will be loyal and trustworthy where others may not. We learn to bond with these wonderful animals .  Our dogs, cats and i have even seen rabbits, all become the friends and family we have been denied due to our position in this life. They are there for us, they love us, they are loyal and they support us in their own little ways, and all of this for nothing. They never ask from us in return. They are unconditional. When do we ever find humans who will offer the same level of devotion? Especially when your seen as throw aways and disposable by a large portion of society?

As far as taking care of them, not as difficult as many would think.

1. On the second and fourth Sunday of the month at the Eugene service station on Hwy 99 Pro- Bono holds a free vet clinic that offers just about everything you need. Vouchers to get your little he or she fixed, food, leashes and harnesses, shots, worming treatment and more. They are wonderful people and the Vet comes all the way from Corvalis to do this for the homeless.

2. Catholic Community Services holds weekly food box hand outs and many other things. What many people do not know is that on their food box days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) if you ask them while getting a food box, they can get you cat and dog food. A decent size bag that should last you a couple of days.

3. The Eugene Service Station has free cat and dog food most of the month, though the cat food is a little harder to get than the dog food, but it is there.

4. People. Setting outside of the library, when  was allowed to do so, i many times had other people just give me cat food for my kittens. without asking for it, or hinting i needed it, they just gave it to me. People love animals for the most part and are wiling to give to them.

The sad thing is that some people do not treat their family or friends very well, and the same goes for the pets of the homeless. there are those who treat them as if they are merely property and not respected property at that. They are mean to them, beat them and treat them as unloved, but these are the minority and “normal” society have these people as well. The vast majority of the homeless treat their pets better than they treat themselves and love these animals with all of their hearts. My two kittens are more secure in food than i am. they have a good little stock pile that will not run out soon.  the simple fact is this, if what i see from the kids who come around here is any indicator, most homeless treat their animals better than many of the middle class treat their own kids. Our animals hold a special place in our hearts and make this poor existence we endure much more tolerable. My little Harlequin sleeps in my sleeping bag with me every night and does not sleep well when he is not there. When there is stress he is there to help dissipate it. He assists with the depression i often suffer with and he makes things that much easier to deal with while out here. This is what these little guys and gals do for us on the streets.


So, for all of you who think we should not be allowed to own pets, regardless of how we treat them, live with it. I would not give up my little Harley or Rowdy for the world, and my world is better off for them.






  1. Stubborn says:

    Thanks for sharing…a bond is a bond whether there is a roof overhead or not…

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