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Posted: October 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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As I set here on Tuesday the 4th I get to thinking about what tomorrow has to offer me. Tomorrow at 9am I am going to jail for 5 days. Why is this? Three weeks ago I was given 4 days of road crew from my current Parole Officer, a guy i like for the most part.  Thus road crew was given to me for drinking a few beers while on supervision and therefor violating the general rules of supervision.  Ok fine, i am OK with being held accountable for my actions.  However, this only kicks off a much bigger issue really. I had a residence  set up to go live for a bit to try to get myself back on my feet faster but it fell through, thus, once I am out of jail my Parole officer will most likely order me to the Eugene Mission. For those of you who have read my post on that place you know my views on it. So, the choice will be between going to the mission or going back to jail for refusing to stay there. Well, i have many times in the past chose to go to jail over the mission, and i will do so again. The mission is intolerable and i will not torcher  myself by living there even one day. Unfortunately this may mean i end up doing 3 years in and out of jail instead of the 16 months i have remaining on normal supervision. I am ok with this. The jail is far less damaging and aggravating to my mental health issues than is the mission in all honesty. It is sad that the mission allows parole and probation to order their clients to live their and to remain there. It would be my guess that the mission may receive funding from the department of corrections as does Sponsors, though i can not say for sure, but the two agencies do work closely.  It would be interesting to see the financial for the mission that included the donor list.

So, think this is an odd choice for me? Choosing incarceration over “freedom”? Go stay at the mission for an extended time and then rethink it.

So, my friends, i will make sure i say hello in between my stays in jail and will try to post in between times as well.  Respect and best wishes,



  1. Anonymous says:

    I completely agree with you and don’t blame you a bit !!! ….. the mission is a good place to get TB …. very little christianity about that place !! ….

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