A Bad Day for the Rally.

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Before I begin this post i want to say thank you to all of those involved in the Occupy movement. The issues raised by this movement are directly related to the issues this blog are set to confront. Each and everyone of you are to be commended for your courage, heart and willingness to try to effect change in our stuck in its ways world. I do hope that as you read this you will understand i in no way accuse or blame thee people involved in the movement for the things I am discussing here. These are the acts of those who simply do not care for the issue at hand and they most definitely do not care what harm they may do the efforts put forth here in both the local and the national spotlight.  So, that being said…….

So, I went to the Occupy rally on Saturday and it was interesting. It was actually fun to see the fire spinners and the unity among the participants. I did  not see a lot of trouble or issues at the Saturday night event and actually enjoyed being there to support the movement.  Saturday was a success i would say. All in all a nice, festive event.

Now, lets talk about Sunday.

As i approached the rally spot on Sunday morning a friend of mine who knows i do not do drugs mets me and warns me not to drink or eat anything as someone has been randomly dosing the food and drink at the rally. Being a non drug user myself i was appreciative for this warning from my friend. I avoid the food and beverages at the rally. No problem there. No harm no foul. Well, i leave to go to a friends house for the day and at around 7:30 pm return to the rally hoping to meet some of my friends and enjoy th company of others and to meet new people involved in the rally. However, no sooner do i get to the rally than i am accosted by an individual who is friends with a person who has been harassing me on a regular basis and who has sworn to chase me out of the downtown area. Long story as to why he has decided this, but it is over nothing that concerns him and therefore nothing he should be involved in really. Now, I do not typically condone violence as i truly feel as though it very rarely resolves anything and more often than not aggravates the situation it was introduced into. So, when this person tells me i need to leave the rally and he better not ever see me down there again i have no choice but to leave. It is that or i end up on the wrong side of a situation where it is me against four or five of them. I am a 40 year old male who tries to be non violent, these are 20 somethings who are violent and live in a violent world and existence. Standing up for yourself has to give way to common sense at times.  A lesson learned far to late in my life if i do say so myself.  So, as of now i am assuming I am out of the chance to take part in this movement and will not be showing back up to the park to show my support fort he effort.  This is sad due to thee fact i think what is going on here is worthy and wanted to be involved in it. but my safety comes first.

Now for the sad part of it all, those involved in the bullying and hostility are my own people. They are the homeless. The very people i spend my time trying to advocate for, trying to stand up for and trying to assure our rights for. They are the people I started this blog as a means to watchdog for and to bring to light the issue they deal with on a day to day basis politically, legally and from a human point of view. These are the people i have tried to change societies perceptions of now for how many months? That is the truly sad part of it all.  I have often wondered whether or not it was worth the effort to even run the blog and try to help the homeless, of which i am one of, and it is always times like this that push those thoughts.  However, for every one of those who behave in this manner there are two or three who appreciate the effort and who act accordingly. Those who truly want to be treated as equals to the rest of society and are glad i am here doing this. Those are the ones I am doing this for. Am i making a difference? Who knows. lol, but i am going to continue to try and continue to put forth the effort. Regardless of how disillusioned i become over behavior like that described above i am going t continue trying to make a difference and to get through to my fellow homeless.

remember, i do not blame the protesters and the organizers for this behavior at all, they have done a great job of trying to control the general chaos of an event of this nature. Much respect to all of you who are involved in the planning and organizing for this event.

  1. River Aaland says:

    Thanks for your courage and compassion in doing this work and sharing your stories. I am sorry that because of a few bullies you couldn’t be in a space you have every right to Occupy. I worked for several years with homeless families and have consistently been moved by the courage, humor, and strength of will in many (most?) of our homeless neighbors. I will never stop advocating for people living in poverty and people without homes. I stand with you.

  2. Thnak you for your comments, i try my best though i do feel the frustration at times and pull at my hair. lol. Hopefully the bully issue will be dealt with soon and i can get to really working with thee occupy organizers and such.



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