Another Eviction, all Expenses Paid With My Money.

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So, those of you who read this thing on a regular basis know of my situation with the library here in town (A word to the Hatemongers…….). For those of you who do not, quick run down. I am a heavy user of the library. It is one of thee only places that are typically ok with the homeless using their services and i get both electricity without the threat of jail and i get a fairly reliable internet connection. I am a supporter of our library. However, about 6 weeks ago i obtained my two kittens and at that point i was no longer welcomed in the public library so long as my kids were with me. Ok, fine, nothing new really, many places have prohibitions against non service animals being in the. so, as a result i began to set outside of the library and plug in just inside the door. this way the kids are free to come out and stretch and i get my power/net. Keep in mind, security from the library was perfectly fine with this as they know me well and know i am no problem, and in fact i help them out when ever i can in looking for people and keeping the place clean and whatnot. I am a respectful person and i act accordingly.Well, a week or two later the situation i talked about in the post titled “A Word to The Hate-mongers and Bigots we Call Republicans” occurred.

After i posted that topic i received some replies through my email and facebook pages that were not happy with the situation, those folks should be interested in this also.

I sometimes go to the LTD station ans set at th planter at the north/west corner of the place. Directly across from the Library. I go there to let the kittens out to play a bit, eat something, meet new people (which the kittens are wonderful at facilitating) and to simply relax a bit. I keep my things orderly and out of the way as well as remain respectful to those walking by and who work at LTD. I am completely away from all doors and otther areas in which business takes place. There is no hindrance to their operations in my location. However, this morning, while awaiting for me to return from a short task, my friend and camping buddy was asked if he was awaiting a bus. When my friend told the wackenhut/G4S security guard he was waiting for me to return he was told that  we could not set there unless we were waiting for a bus. Now, please any of you who know me personally vouch for this if you would, but i am homeless yes, however, I am clean, educated, respectful and i do my best to get others to behave in the same manner i do as far as this goes.  The people I meet never assume i am homeless as i do not project as such and work hard to assure this. The only telling sign of this is the large pack i carry with me at times, other than that i pass for one of the housed masses. On top of his, every month i buy a monthly pass for the bus, i am a long standing customer of this company.  Have been for a long time. I use LTD for all of my transportation needs and have paid a lot of money into this company now. Take a walk at some point to the LTD station and watch who iyt is who are bothered by Wackenhut about loitering on the property. notice how those who are told they can not set there unless in line for a bus are all under 18’s and those of us with backpacks and gear.  The young and the homeless are the people who are told they are loitering and can not do so.

as someone who has spent as much money with this company as i have i think if i want to set at their planter that should be my right. Of course, perhaps there are those who disagree. Obviously there are.   It is sad to think that LTD will harass their own loyal customers if they do not fit the mold of who is socially acceptable. there is also the fact that they have a monopoly on the mass transit industry here in Eugene so you play by their rules or you can walk.

Another new occurrence i have noticed is this. The number 41 and 43 lines are two of the busiest on LTD’s roster of routes. they are the ones who cater to several schools and a couple of shopping centers   These routes are often packed with commuters and their carry on’s. One other particular thing about these routes is this, they serve the Eugene Service station. This is one of the main place for services aimed at the homeles. They are a great place that not only allows their clients the showers and hygiene they require, but they feed them lunch and breakfast, issue vouchers for cloths and sleeping bags. In other words this is a huge route for those of us who are homeless. recently i have noticed an odd development for such a busy line however. One, the use of more and more of the shorter buses on this route, or so it seems, and the use of buses without luggage racks in the front. The very racks thee homeless often use to keep their packs out of everyones way. The other day i was on my way to the service station but had to get off the bus early, kitten needed to use the bathroom of all things. I attempted several times to catch a later bus but was unable to do so for lack of space and rack. I will not get on the bus if my gear will be a hassle for other riders. I will wait for the next bus. It is a matte of principle for me really. A show of the kind of respect i want as a fellow human being, though not necessarily on this issue. After several attempts i gave up ands went over to set for awhile. After a couple of hours i again attempted the ride and found the same results, older buses with mo rack and what appears to be smaller capacity. In frustration i gave up and walked.

Ok, bus routes get busy, there is no stopping that, and the choice to not board was mine and mine alone, but i do have one thing that is bothering me on this issue. As stated above, i purchase a bus pass every month and use it a lot. I am a long time paying customer of LTD, for them to tell me their property is iff limits for anything not illegal is wrong. Seriously folks, if one of their paying customers who is clean and non disruptive can not use their facilities unless directly involved in waiting for a bus then what is the point. I am sure there wwill be those who disagree with me over this, but…………..

I am not saying LTD older non rack buses out of any intentional need to hinder out travel, not at all. they are a busy company and perhaps does not even realize they have scheduled the wrong type of buses for he route really. I am just saying, if your paying customers are not creating issues then leave them be. Meh, who knows. Just a point of view really.

  1. Anonymous says:

    LTD has for a while now been cutting routes and scheduals to pay for the EMX expansion …. they are also hiring people only part time so they don’t have to pay bennifits and such …. lots of companies these days have figured out if they hire part time employees they don’t have to pay benifits or medical … Wal-Mart does it BAD ! …. just about every three months they hire on a new crew of temporary employees who are told if they do a good job they will be hired on …. so they really bend over backwards to do everything the boss wants only to be let go at the end of the time and a whole new crew of temporary employees are brought in … that is how companies are getting by these days so they can make a profit ….

  2. Yes this does seem to be the way of things in the business world really. more reason for the types of efforts being put forth by the Occupy groups all around the world. Do you work for LTD?

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