A Word to The Homeless, Rally Edition

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Hello folks and once again  i feel the need to post a word to the homeless. This time however my words will be as they relate to the Occupy camp and movement. After my first night int he camp i noticed a few things that we, the homeless, could work on to make things better and to show a better side of ourselves. Here are a couple of those.

1.Drugs and Alcohol: Please guys, if your going to use do it elsewhere. Here is the problem,  you leave your beer bottles laying around for one, all over the place. i woke up with three of them  the area i slept in. The more this happens, the more there are signs of public intoxication, the better out chances of having he police at the park and ticketing people. It will draw heat down on those who are trying to push this movement forward. The pot is the same, please, elsewhere. all it takes is for one cop to smell it and then he has reasons to disrupt the protest. The more this type of behavior goes on the more we risk getting those who are for the moment leaving us alone to start the typical EPD treatment of the homeless and those they are involved with. We do not need this. The movement has enough nay sayers as it is. lets not add to the negativity please.

2. Loud/Rowdy Behavior: The non event yelling, cursing and whatnot is uncalled for and yet one more way the police can justify coming into our camp and harassing people who are involved in the protest. Another way to “blow up” the spot. we need to use our heads here and we need to try our best to remain respectful of those around us and those who may be spectators to the event. The movement will be defined by the actions of those involved. If you act in a obnoxious way this is how we will all be remembered. If we conduct ourselves in a respectful and intelligent manner that is how this will all be remembered. So lets keep that in mind and try to act accordingly.

3.Bullying and Violent Behavior: Ok, there will always be bad seeds in these types of groups. Nothing is perfect including events like the one we are partaking in here. There has been at least one situation of bullying i personally know of, considering i was the target of it, but from the sounds of it there has been others by the same individuals. This needs to stop and it needs to stop now! Pull your heads out and think about it, This is not about YOU, his is not about ME, this is not about any single person in this group.  This protest is not about who you like or dislike, it is not a place for personal vendetta, it is not supposed to be about the negative and/or divisiveness. we are here to try to change a system that victimizes you as well as every other person making less than $60,000 a year. we are here to make a statement against the very corruption that keeps each and every one of us down, keeps us in this constant state of disadvantage. we are here to matter!! So drop the insignificant bullshit, stop the petty school yard crap and act as if you give a damn about yourself and your future, because if you don’t your in the wrong place. To the point and put simply, we would love to have you here to support what we are doing here, but if you can not let the stupid shit go get out. we do not need it. we are under a microscope here. every little thing we do is under scrutiny, we screw up, or if even one or two do, we could lose everything here and have the cops down on us. If the media sees the crap they could do a very good job of discrediting the entire movement and everything it stands for. So please, respect those around you, even if you do not get along with them or like them, but most of all, respect yourself. show dignity in how you behave.

I have no idea how many times i have to repeat this, but as homeless, if we want society to see us as equals, to treat us with dignity and respect, then we must behave in a manner that leaves them no choice but to do so.  Hold your damn heads up, act with pride in yourself regardless your situation, and show society that your lack of a home means nothing in the scheme of things. until we learn to do his we will never be anything but “lazy bums” and “dirty scumbags” to a portion of society. We control how others see us, we dictate how we are treated, and we do this by acting accordingly. we are homeless not animals, not trash to be taken out, we are human beings with value. that is what this is all about. Human beings finally being treated as though they have value by he big guys and corrupt politicians this country breeds like cockroaches. We can make this happen, we can find our value in a society that allows us none, but hey, if you can not believe it in yourself how will you ever make society believe it. The ball is in your court and only you have the power to do something with it.

Find your pride, find your self respect and please, act with respect while your at thee protesters camp. Show them you have value, as several of us are beginning to do.

as always, with respect,


PS. I am writing this from the camp and the mood here is good tonight. no drama and plenty of decent people working together to initiate change. respect to all of you.


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