Whats up With the Dog?

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I constantly get asked if the dog i use for my profile is mine. The answer is no.  Cupid was the dog of one of my best friends neighbors a few years back.  He was a very lovable and highly affectionate animal who loved everyone he came into contact with and whom was loved by those same people in return. A Blue Healer, Cupid had a wonderful level of energy for everything from getting cuddled to playing his favorite game of “Hike” with his old blanket. Cupid was one of the lucky ones.

According to eHow contributor Morgan Crouch ” Around the country, over 15 million pets are delivered into the hands of animal shelters each year. Of these 15 million, roughly 25 to 30 percent are adopted or reclaimed by owners or put into new homes. The remainder of these pets, some 11 million, must be put to death because no one can find them a home. An unknown number of animals are lost or abandoned and never return to their home”

15 million sent to shelters and 11 of those killed for lack of homes. What more can be said about this? Please folks, spay and neuter your pets. the issue of homeless animals is one that deserves the attention we give to our homeless humans, perhaps better attention seeing as how poorly our own are treated. The unfairness of bringing kittens or puppies into an existence we can not deal with, we can not handle is heart breaking, as are these numbers. So, just a short one this time, but an important one .
Respect, EW



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