A Word to The Homeless.

A word of advice to the homeless.

that word of advice would be this, if you wish to be treated in a respectful and dignified manner you must behave in a respectful and dignified manner. As homeless we can not expect those members of “normal” society to treat us in a humane manner if we choose to act like animals. Here is an example of how many of the general public view us as homeless go to this link and read the views of this person


This is how a segment of society view us, how do we change that? By acting in a manner that demands the respect as human beings that we desire.  When considering this here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not act in a loud disruptive manner. Maintain a respectful, civilized voice and manner when dealing in public.
  2. The sexual harassment has to stop. Several time over the last week i have witnessed the homeless and the young kids who hang out with them demanding sex from women passing by the park, last night a group of kids were sexually harassing a homeless woman who never bothers anyone. this must stop. Sexual predatory behavior is not acceptable in any fashion and is a violation of basic human respect and the law. STOP!
  3. Do not throw your trash on the ground. Eugene has plenty of trash cans throughout the city and there is absolutely no excuse for not using them.
  4. Please, whatever you do, do not use drugs or alcohol in public.  What you choose to do with your body in private is your choice, but once you subject the public to it, it becomes their issue as well. So just don’t.
  5. I understand that there are very few public restrooms in the city of Eugene, this is something the mayor could work towards improving on, but still, please do not urinate in public.  This shows disrespect for not only those around you but yourself as well.  I agree that sometimes it comes down to a matter of you either do it or you urinate in your pants, but try to hold it until you find a rest room. Especially do not do this on business’ doorsteps and property’ the owners of those companies are trying to make a living and do not deserve to have you disrupt that.
  6. honor your camping area. If you bring trash into it then you should also take it out. Do not leave your crap all over the place for others to have to look at and clean. you are grown adults, behave like it. You can not expect the city to allow you an area to sleep if you are leaving paper, cans, alcohol bottles and needles in your wake.
  7. Finally, for those of you who are not from Eugene, we welcome you. However, if you can not respect our city, our home, leave. We do not want your added drug issues, your addition to the issue of littering, your vandalizing of our property and your disrespect towards our people. It’s simple, you are a guest in our home, act like it or leave.

as homeless we can not expect the city to treat us with respect if we do not show that we deserve to be treated with such. The more we act indecent and disruptive the more resistant our city leaders and their police will become. Change in attitude and policy are difficult at best, but ultimately the responsibility for effecting this change falls on our shoulders. we must show that we deserve consideration as decent human beings and as respectful members of society. By acting in a derogatory manner we do nothing but propagate the image of the homeless as lazy bums who are nothing but drug addicts, alcoholics and social degenerates. Change starts with us and then and only then makes its way into the diplomatic arena.

Much respect and concern for my brothers and sisters of the street,