Kitty Piercy

Ok, so i know that those of you who read this blog will think i am anti-kitty Piercy, but this is not true. In most ways she has been a good mayor for the city of Eugene. she most definitely could have been worse, but in the realm of the homeless she has either fallen on her face or has implemented programs that were, though good intentioned, not very well thought out.

for example, she is a strong proponent of sustainability and very much in favor of doing what we can for climate change, including being one of the first to sign the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, of which there are now 900 mayors names on that list.

Mrs. Piercy is an ex- school teacher and director at planned parenthood and she believes in the rehabilitation of criminal offenders. Kitty has been a good leader for this city, but the issue of homelessness is a serious one that requires much thought and consideration. thought and consideration that i do not believe she has truly given the issue.

What has she done concerning the homeless? here are some of the projects she has enacted and put into play:

Served on the Oregon Coalition for homeless and runaway youth from 1997 until present day, respectable

has a good heart that is devoted to at least trying, which is more than most politicians can say. 

She has also worked to enact a “legalized Camping” program with the assistance of St. Vincent De Paul, however, this is the issue, to participate in the camping program you must first have a vehicle to sleep in. Something that the vast majority of homeless do not possess. If you attempt to sleep, or “camp” anywhere other than that you are accosted by the city police and chased from your area. nothing is done to assure sleeping for the approximately 75% of us without cars to sleep in. we are forced to clash with the police for something as basic as somewhere to rest our heads. some may say that there is the rescue mission, but i will get into that issue at a later time.

Mrs. Piercy, its time that those with nowhere else to go are given a place that, so long as its not being disrespected, we can sleep and rest at night without fear of the police. without fear of losing our ability to go into the area we are sleeping due to trespassing orders. Mrs. Piercy, you have done so well in otther areas, dont you think it is time to apply the same effort to this issue?


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