Who is eugene Wanderer?

Hello and welcome to my blog. Up to this point I have always avoided getting into this entire area of the net, however, with time things change and I feel the time is right for me to finally experience the blog community. Eugene Wanderer is a white, educated male from Eugene, Oregon who has been forced into homelessness by the economy and who, as a member of the homeless community, has seen the injustices and abuse the homeless suffer at the hands of the Eugene city police and the issues they are forced to contend with on a daily basis. Everything from dealing with the local authorities to the basics of daily survival has become a challenge for those of us living on the streets without a place to call home.

Homelessness has become a problem that requires the immediate attention of those in office and those who care about their fellow-man.  In Eugene ,Oregon, a city of nearly 147,000 people there are approximately 2673 homeless in the city, that is nearly 2% of our population. To deal with this epidemic there are several private organizations who dedicate a lot of their time to th e cause of assisting the homeless with food, clothing and other issues. However, of these programs none of them are operated by the city and of the issues not seen to the issue of where to sleep for the homeless is of utmost concern. Matter of fact, in the city of Eugene it seems it is more of a crime to be homeless and trying to find somewhere to sleep than it is to be a drinking, drugging, loud and disruptive 13-20 year old vandal. This point will be better explained in one of my posts entitled “Eugene at it’s Finest” both the first and the Pt. II.

The point of this blog is twofold.  the first being to call out the city of Eugene’s leaders on this issue and to push for reform in the treatment of the homeless and to push them to begin to put effort into finding resolutions for the predicament many of us find ourselves in. the second is to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness. Before ay true effort will be put forth to deal with his issue society needs to know the exact issues involved with this topic. It takes more than just the occasional donation of money, it takes action. Both on the part of the homeless and society as a whole. I will not promise to be entertaining, but i do hope to be informative and successful in making more people aware of the tragedy that is homelessness.

I would like to leave you with this quote from Dennis Kucinich

“We have weapons of mass destruction we have to address here at home. Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Homelessness is a weapon of mass destruction. Unemployment is a weapon of mass destruction.”



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