Welcome to HomelessInEugene

Welcome to HomelessIneugene

Nation wide 1% of America’s people are homeless. The average in Oregon is .45%, in my home  of Eugene we have 1.8% of our population are homeless. We have nearly twice the homeless population of the nation. Yet, we have only one shelter, police who have declared war on the homeless and nowhere to sleep unless you own a vehicle, which is only about 30-35% of our numbers.

As homeless we face many issues that “normal” people never have  to cope with. This blog is devoted to issues that effect the homeless in Eugene, Oregon and to give voice to those who have been  subjected to the routine harassments of the Eugene City Police.  Discrimination and bigotry are a part of the life of the homeless, but it doesn’t have to be. With this blog I hope to accomplish a few things.

  1. To bring to light the issues and problems inherent in being homeless in Eugene’s society
  2. To give a voice to those who are subjected to the treatments of the city of Eugene police and other authorities

I hope that at least some of the things that are said or posted here will make you stop to think, stop to consider things from the other persons point of view.

Welcome to my space, feel free to comment or to send suggestions.


Eugene Wanderer

  1. jamie says:

    Sounds excellent, i wish you luck with helping them out.

  2. I am glad I found your blog. I have an idea about a documentary that you might be able to help me with. Thanks.

    • Any thing i can do to help bring attention to this issue would be great. You can further reach me at Eugenewanderer@gmail.com and on facebook at Eugene wanderer.. Feel free to contact me at any time. 🙂

    • Bluezy says:

      I thought of doing a Homeless tour. Maybe train hop to homeless hubs across the nation. It is a project for the young and fit, though. Go-cam and go do it! Be careful not to flaunt your tech in a dark alley. I was homeless for 6 months back in 2000. There were very loving and interesting souls that were just hard up like me, but some shadies that would steal your tech. You’d need a solar charger…
      Reality projects are a trending thing now a days. Being homeless is very real.

  3. Bluezy says:

    I wonder what the homeless rate is now 4 yrs after?

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